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Greetings! I'm Larry, a 34-year-old co-parent with a mission to shape a community that caters to everyone. I understand the challenges—I've navigated the path of juggling three jobs to provide for my family before returning to college. That struggle, that relentless effort—it's an integral part of my journey.

As the father of a 10-year-old and a 9-year-old, my vision is crystal clear: an education system that ignites their dreams, an economy that fosters opportunities, and a government that offers support without being intrusive. Having been in the trenches, run for office, served my community, and learned the ropes, I identify as a centrist—neither left nor right. I believe in change, progress, and preserving the heart and soul of our nation.

Our values are the catalysts for the changes we need. Join me on this exciting journey. Together, let's construct a future that honors our roots while reaching for the stars. United, we are unstoppable!

Education Excellence

Empowering Students for Tomorrow

  • Larry believes in a well-funded and equitable education system that empowers students to excel and prepares them for the challenges of the modern world. He supports parental involvement in shaping curriculum and explores innovative approaches to enhance the quality of education.

Economic Prosperity

A Thriving Economy for All

  • Larry envisions a thriving economy that benefits everyone, emphasizing job creation, small business growth, and access to quality healthcare and education. He advocates for fair taxation policies that support economic growth while addressing income inequality.

Fiscal Responsibility

Balancing the Budget for Progress

  • Larry is committed to fiscal responsibility, ensuring a balanced approach to government spending and budgeting. He prioritizes investments that have a direct and positive impact on citizens' lives.

Second Amendment Rights and Gun Safety

  • Larry upholds the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens while supporting common-sense measures to prevent gun violence. He advocates for comprehensive background checks and mental health initiatives to enhance public safety.

Upholding Rights, Ensuring Safety

Border Security and Immigration Reform

A Compassionate Approach to Immigration

  • Larry supports a comprehensive and compassionate approach to immigration reform, combining border security with pathways to legal status. He prioritizes fair and humane policies that uphold America's values of diversity and inclusion.

Family Values and Work-Life Balance

  • Larry centralizes family values and works towards policies like paid family leave, livable wages, affordable childcare, and equal pay for equal work. He supports initiatives that foster a healthy work-life balance for all Americans.

Promoting Family Values and Balance

Healthcare Access and Affordability

Accessible and Affordable Healthcare for All

  • Larry advocates for healthcare reform, building on the strengths of the Affordable Care Act to ensure accessible, affordable, and accountable healthcare. He supports working towards lowering the costs of medications and holding pharmaceutical companies accountable.

Criminal Justice Reform

Reimagining Justice for All

  • Larry's vision for criminal justice reform is centered on creating a system that is fair, just, and focused on rehabilitation rather than punishment. By addressing systemic issues, supporting mental health initiatives, and fostering community-oriented policing, Larry aims to contribute to a more equitable and compassionate criminal justice system.

Climate Action and Sustainability

Balancing Growth and Sustainability

  • Larry acknowledges the urgency of addressing climate change and supports a balanced transition to clean and renewable energy sources. He advocates for policies that create jobs while securing a sustainable future for generations to come.

Infrastructure Investment

Modernizing America for Quality Living

  • Larry recognizes the need to modernize America's infrastructure and supports investments in transportation, technology, and clean energy infrastructure. He aims to enhance citizens' quality of life through thoughtful and sustainable development.

Whistleblower Protection and Transparency

  • Larry champions whistleblower protection to foster a culture of truth and transparency. He advocates for accountable and transparent practices within the legal and judicial system.

Championing Truth and Accountability in Law

Supporting Veterans

Honoring and Supporting Our Veterans

  • As the son and grandson of Army veterans, Larry is dedicated to supporting and advocating for veterans. He ensures that veterans receive the care, benefits, and recognition they deserve for their dedicated service to the nation.

Judicial Accountability

Upholding Legal Integrity and Citizen Trust

Larry is unwavering in his commitment to ensuring the legal integrity of judicial duties, safeguarding the trust of both judicial employees and citizens. He advocates for transparent, fair, and accountable practices within Courts of Justice.

LGBTQIA Equality and Fairness

  • Larry dedicates efforts to advancing the rights and well-being of the LGBTQIA community. He advocates for a balanced approach that respects the rights and values of all individuals, ensuring a fair and inclusive society.

Advancing Rights and Inclusivity

Tax Policy

Fostering Economic Growth and Entrepreneurship

  • Larry believes in the importance of reasonable and fair tax policies that stimulate economic growth and foster entrepreneurship. He recognizes the need for a tax system that encourages innovation, job creation, and the vitality of small businesses.

Traditional Values and Family Policies

Promoting Family Stability and Traditional Values

  • Larry acknowledges the vital role that traditional values and stable family structures play in our society. He is dedicated to promoting policies that support family stability, recognizing the importance of strong family foundations for the well-being of individuals and communities.

Religious Freedom

Defending the Right to Practice Faith Without Interference

  • Larry reiterates his unwavering support for religious freedom. He recognizes the fundamental right of individuals to practice their faith without interference from government or external entities.

National Security and Defense

Ensuring a Strong and Secure Nation

  • Larry stresses a strong commitment to national security, understanding that a safe and secure nation is essential for the well-being of its citizens. He supports a well-funded military to maintain a robust defense capability and advocates for a strategic foreign policy that safeguards the interests and values of the United States.

Women's Rights and Reproductive Health

  • Larry believes in upholding women's rights and recognizes the importance of a nuanced approach to reproductive health issues. He advocates for a woman's agency over her own body, choice, and supports access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare.

Balancing Rights and Compassion

Bipartisan Collaboration

Harnessing the Power of Unity

  • Larry emphasizes the power of bipartisan collaboration to find practical solutions to complex challenges. He commits to working across the aisle to achieve common goals and serve the best interests of all Americans.

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