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"Unleash LARRY: Let Audacity Reign, Refuse Yokes!"

"Embrace the challenge before you, for in every trial lies an opportunity for growth. Others may underestimate your strength, but let their ignorance be your fuel. You are more powerful and resilient than they realize. Rise above, prove your worth, and let your success speak volumes."

"They genuinely lack awareness of the formidable opponent they are engaging with."  - LP2

"Unleash LARRY: Let Audacity Reign, Refuse Yokes!"

Liberate: Break free from unlawful constraints or restrictions.

Assertive: Be confident and firm in expressing oneself.

Resilience: Showcase ability to bounce back from challenges and adversity.

Refusing: Refuse to be content with no action or no results
Yokes: Don't settle for burdens or constraints.

Thou Shalt Get Your LARRY On!

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Larry's UMGC Graduation Day Photos
December 15, 2023

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