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Larry Pretlow II is an American politician, rapper, songwriter, music producer, and small business owner, embodying a visionary spirit and dedication to values-driven progress. Born on June 19, 1989, in the heart of the District of Columbia, Larry's journey encapsulates a commitment to education, community service, and multifaceted leadership.

Educationally, Larry's pursuit of excellence led him to achieve an Associate of Arts in Legal Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC). Currently advancing his education, he is earning a Master's degree in Public Administration (MPA) in Law & Public Policy at Liberty University, expected to be completed by Spring 2025, laying the groundwork for his strategic leadership approach.

Larry's diverse career trajectory spans over a decade of Retail Management, roles as a Judiciary Clerk and Deputy Clerk contributing to legal system efficiency, a long-term substitute teacher, and service as a City Carrier for the United States Postal Service. Complementing his professional roles, Larry's entrepreneurial acumen shines as CEO of LaPret World LLC, where he blends business management with his creative talents as a rapper, songwriter, and music producer, known under the stage name LaPret.

An elected member of the Associated Society of Authors, Composers, and Publishers (ASCAP) since March 2007, Larry's commitment to creative expression remains steadfast. His dedication extends beyond his career pursuits, evident in his community service. As a former Board Member of the Oakland Mills Community Association, Larry chaired the "Community Together" committee, showcasing his dedication to community outreach and cohesion. He served as the former Vice President of the National Youth Rights Association (NYRA) and the inaugural president of its Greater Washington Area chapter (NYRA-DC) in 2010. 

Larry is also an advocate for civil rights, working tirelessly to end systematic discrimination and disparities in the state of Maryland and across the nation. Driven by a passion for positive change, he has actively engaged in the political arena, contesting for the Maryland House of Delegates in 2018 and the Howard County Board of Education in 2020. His advocacy amplifies diverse voices, advocating for progress and embodying a commitment to public policy.

A devoted father of two and the youngest of his siblings, Larry embodies the American spirit through his commitment to unity, progress, and community well-being. He is the son and grandson of U.S. Army Veterans. His life journey, a fusion of tradition and progress, serves as an inspiration and a catalyst for a stronger, more inclusive America.

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