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As a volunteer in the community, and the father of a 5-year-old attending the county's public schools, I have a vested interest here for the long haul.


Great Schools. Great Education. "Where You Live."

We achieve great schools when we meet the needs of the individual students in a school community. Build up Great schools where they live! Instead of moving kids around, meet them where they are with the tools/resources and intervention, they need to be successful. Every child should be able to learn in the community where they live!

Top Three Issues 

Closing the Achievement Gap by catering access to classroom resources, and
community-based programs to support and continue learning in the school
communities where students and parents need assistance.

Prioritize school maintenance and building upgrades to ensure safe and healthy
learning environments, including to help alleviate overcrowding to keep
communities together.

Responsible Budgetary Planning to reestablish long-term funding, make the best
use of short-term funding, and to establish accountable rainy-day savings to
ensure that we fund and operate a healthy and thriving education system

Skills for Getting it Done

I know what it takes to find viable solutions, navigate complicated governmental
agencies and get things done. I also see the importance of needing to be heard by your representation. My heart for all children will lead me to ensure that decisions require utmost consideration of all community input, fact-based analytical data, and a constant reminder that our children are not pawns in the political system. I have proven to be a leader for our children and a voice for the unheard.

Continuing My Commitment

For so long, officials have sought to get between parents and their children. I intend to stand with parents to uphold our values and advocate for the precious treasures of every community: our children. One of my top priorities as your Board of Education representative is to work to meet the unique needs of every school community so that we serve students and foster great schools in the communities where they live. We need a push to drive the success-in-education, community by community. I also plan to call our county officials to action so that we build up communities for children and families.