Statement on the murder of George Floyd

May 31, 2020

I am glad to hear our Police department strongly condemn the actions of the officers in Minneapolis concerning the brutal murder of George Floyd. I hope as the pandemic calms down that we can bring the community and police officers together in a town hall so that the community can feel reassured that they are in good hands as many communities are hurting because of the despicable actions of the police officers in Minneapolis. When it was discovered that the previous Sheriff Fitzgerald was racist and hostile in the workplace, the community and elected officials came together to ensure he was removed. The Sheriff's office was able to grow. I hope all of Howard County can come together, and our police department can develop even more after this traumatic incident.

Student resource officers play a big part in keeping our schools safe. Many students, especially minority students, are in shock of the brutal murder of George Floyd and want reassurances that their voices are being heard as we work to increase tolerance and inclusion in our schools. Once schools open up, I would like for there to be an assembly in every school with the SRO(s) so students can hear the guidelines that SRO's have to abide by as well as develop open lines of communications with the school SRO(s). Every child should feel safe and protected in the school building.

We must continue to learn and grow from this despicable incident. We must work together and further promote Tolerance and Inclusivity both at the School and Community level with SRO's and the police department as a whole.

Friends of Larry Pretlow II

DeRonte L. Smith, Treasurer

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